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Auguste Dionne sent me an article from Street Choppers (September 1981)
about the legendary Harman 120, I have tried to turn the photo's of
the article into a readable piece of text but it was much to much for
me to type all at once (I still type with one finger!):

So what did he do? Just what many of us threaten to do daily, he split to the mountains! I mean literally hit the hills! After taking care of all outstanding orders John and his family sold their home in Roseville, bought a small trailer and moved so far back into the mountains that his nearest neighbor is a 65 year old bear trapper. You virtually have to four wheel drive into the property! For two years John, his wife and son along with a few close friends spent morning, noon and night building a beautifull 2 story home, followed by a huge workshop. Obviously, John was going to get back into some serious building. Man I wish I had the nerve to pack it in and split.

So now you know why you havn't been able to find Harman. What good is it going to do you? Well, Harman is back in business, and in a big way.

First off let me get the original pieces set straight. John is building both his original rigid and swingarm frames on a limited basis. Rigid frames will be offered for most popular machines with rake, stretch etc. to meet the buyers needs.The swing-
arm frames are available for Harleys and sit at the same height as the rigids, 2 1/2"
lower then a Low Rider. The swinger frames use the stock late model swingarm and
shocks. Harman also manufacturers a reproduction swingarm with relocated shock mounts, something that must be done to the stocker if used. Once again these frames are available in any rake or length. Also in the frame line are Harman's new drag chassis' which are available for '74's and Sportys only. The "Digger" frames are
some of the finest and strongest race pieces we have seen and are available for tire widths from 6" to 10".

We'll get more into these frames in a later issue but a quick price breakdown is as follows. The Rigid units retail for $330, the swingarm frames at $395, optinal swingarm $95. And the drag chassis price on request.

The internally sprung girders that put John on the map are also back in production and are available in lengths from 6" to 24" over. Made of 4130 these are definitely some of the finest handling front ends on the market. The girders are available with either one piece pull back or bolt on bars and can be ordered chromed or unchromed. Headlight and brake tabs are standard, retail on the Harman girders is $395, chrome and $320, unchromed.

We will cover both the frames and front ends in more depth later, but right now I want to get on to what most of you are anxious to hear about-the Harman engine.

I began this article mentioning the rumor of a huge HD style engine being manufactured by Harman. Well, 3 years ago a rumor is all it was and when John disappeared that's all anyone figured it would ever be. But some rumors do end up in fact and the Harman Monster Motor, the most outrageous tale to hit the bike industry since rubber tires has come to life and is just waiting for anyone after the ultimate in street or strip machinery.

Very basically what John has come up with is a limited production street engine long block which includes cases, barrels and heads ready to assemble into a 116 to 120 cu. in. street engine capable of pumping out near 125 HP on gas!