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Twizzle donated a few scans of the installation instructions of a Harman 120,
they are kind of hard to read so I added a "translation" Here is part 1:

Harman 120 Inch Street Assembly Instructions

Check the oil return holes inside the cylinders for
burrs or metal edges. Deburr and wash cylindersin soap
and hot water then oil insides of cylinders lightly. Now,
useing a ring compressor, slide correct piston into each
cylinder making sure that the larger intake valve pockets
are each toward the center of the engine. Push each piston
out the bottom of each cylinder just far enough to install
pin, spacers and wrist pin clips. Install both cylinder
assemblies now and clean and silicone the base of each
cylinder before pushing over base studs. Do not push the
cylinder completely down on cases untill installing the
base washers and nuts. Tighten base nuts tight and re-
tighten immediately after start-up.

23. Check spring heights on heads for your cam. We set the
heads up for .600" lift cams. If not yet assembled, clean,
lube valves and guides, and assemble heads now. Be sure
that the small wear cap is installed on each intake valve tip.
24. Shorten all allen head bolts to 1 7/8" long. Install all
rocker box studs (not the odd short stud if dual spark
plugs are to be used ) into heads now.
25. Be sure the rocker boxes have been machined for the
new pushrod angles and that the rear box has been cut
for carb. clearance. Now check to see that the empty
rocker boxes go on over the springs and retainers on the
heads without touching the retainers. Some after market
boxes must be ground on the inside walls to clear the
retainers. Now install all rocker shafts and arms into
boxes and install on heads. Install a few nuts on studs
and lay heads with valves up toward you. You must now
use a small wire hook and see that there is free play of
at least 1/16" in each rocker arm. If there isn't, you must
remove the tight rocker arm and grind some metal off the
top side of the rocker arm. This is to insure that the rocker
arm isn't hitting the top of the rocker box when the valves
are closed, which will cause a total loss of compression.
Now disassemble rocker boxes and clean, oil, and set side
play to stock specs, (.003 to .006").