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Twizzle donated a few scans of the installation instructions of a Harman 120,
they are kind of hard to read so I added a "translation" Here is part 1:

Harman 120 Inch Street Assembly Instructions
15. Install keys and correct year oil pump drive gear, then
correct pinion gear and spacer sleeve. Also install cam
bearing now.
16. Tighten and locktite pinion nut.
17. Install cam, thrust plate, and correct thrust washer.
Now install 2 dowel pins, gasket, and late model full
time oiling cam cover. Check end play of cam thru lifter
block hole (.003 to .006 end play). If the cam cover
won't slide over the pinion shaft and the cam at the
same time, it is because the pinion gear is too big.
You must go to H.D. and get a smaller gear.
18. Remove cam cover and carefully remove the screen
from a stock metal breather. Clean out breather and
re-install with correct thrust washer on end of the
breather. Install gasket and check to see that the cam
cover doesn't bind on dowel pins. Sometimes it is
necessary to slightly elongate a hole in the cam cover
due to various different cases and cam covers.
19. Install lifters and lifter blocks now. Sometimes it is
necessary to oversize the lifter block holes slightly
to get a correct fit. The threads in the cases are 1/4"
by 20 threads. Solid lifters only. Be sure lifter blocks
have been machined for new pushrod angles.
20. Install pistons, wrist pins, and spacers and check side
play between spacers and sides of rod. Must have between
.015 and .030". Now install cylinders to check that thet
don't touch each other in the V at the bottom or that
when you turn engine over the rods don't touch the
bottom of the cylinders (Carello heavy duty rods only)
21. Remove cylinders and set ring end gaps at .012 to
.022". Remove pistons, pins, and spacers from rods and
clean then install rings on pistons and oil rings and
skirts lightly.

To be continued...