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Twizzle donated a few scans of the installation instructions of a Harman 120,
they are kind of hard to read so I added a "translation" Here is part 1:

Harman 120 Inch Street Assembly Instructions
1. Have cylinders honed for pistons (usually .008 clearance)
2. Cut flywheels to clear rods if Carello rods are to be used.
Stock flywheels must also be checked for rod clearance
between flywheels
3. Assemble crank without rods so it can be balanced, usually
50% to 60% overbalance
4. Match piston weights & make spacers to fit between piston
inside bosses and rod ends. Also check rods fit between each
other at bottom of stroke. Get crank balanced now.
5. Install timken races into cases and pinion race in cases.
Line lap cases now and fit rod bearings to crank pin if crank
is back from balancing.
6. Assemble balanced crank now. Locktite and torque all crank
nuts correctly.
7. Cut breather window in cases to S&S specs. Debur breather
8. Check oil pump surface for burrs and block sand it ruff.
9. Clean cases completely.
10. Assemble oil pump on cases being sure to have either
matching early or late drive gears. When tightened down on
cases, pump must turn without great effort. Threads in
cases are 1/4 x 20
11. Check rod side play-need about .012 to .015
12. Check threads on pinion shaft to be sure the nut goes on
13. Install flywheels into sprocket case only & check to see
that when torqued up tight the flywheels turn free & easily
or you must disassemble and install a thicker spacer
between timkens.
14. Now install pinion case & silicone cases together. Be sure
rods are centered in cases. Oil rod bearings now.