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Hi from USA ,
I was on the web and I see in your site you have a Harman120 in your "coolest bikes" section under 8-2002 . I would like to find a serious bike builder who would like to pay me what I want for my Harman kit , I have a Harman 120ci "monster motor" kit bike i purchased new in 1988 closout sale after Mr Harmans death , this unit has never been assembled , and spent its life to now on display in a vintage Harley shop , I am seeking the right bike builder who can visualize building a one of probley about 100 bikes ever built .I absolutly will not sell this unit for less than what I value it at , I do have current photos and some Harman sales info to email .

Liked your site , I wish I could come to the netherlands and see some of the choppers in person ,they are so "old school cool" most of the builders here are all doing the same basic thing just useing diffrent themes , I love to see a real outlaw chopper . see ya , if you can help feel free to mail me .

LaFaye McCarver


Hi Lafaye, I would love to see any info you have about the legendary Harman engine, maybe I can feature it on I would love to buy it myself but probably can't afford it... please send me the pics and your asking price anyway!
Cheers, Mark


Mark thanks for the mail ,
I will send you my best current photos of the Harman , if you can post the pics or info on your site feel free to do so , as I said I purchased this kit new in 1988 from the closeout sale after Mr Harmans death , and I have never even attempted to build this kit , I have a valid MSO for the kit as it has never been titled . I really belive there is a builder in the netherland chopper world that would love to build this bike . my price is $5,500.00 for what I have in the photos , also buyer would have to pay shipping fees , on the MSO it does show the sale price in 1988 , I hope you can help me find the builder this bike needs to be "made alive" all the builders I have talked to in the USA only want to build these evolution based bikes . thanks dont hesitate to mail me.

LaFaye McCarver

If anyone out there wants to buy this kit from Lafaye, mail me at and I will see to it that he gets your offer.

If anyone out there has more pics or info about these legendary engines, PLEASE send it to me, these things are awesome!