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Knucklehead project started May 2007,

Thanks to Knukkel at
I was able to borrow a knucklehead engine for a while!
I will take it apart, measure and model all the parts in CAD,
and then put it back together again...


The sheetmetal that covers the rockers is held in place by the valveguides. I dug up a piece of pipe and a few washers from the scrap iron and fabricated a little puller to remove the valveguides without damaging them. Worked like a charm!


Now that the head was stripped as far as possible I could start measuring. I used a granite surface plate, a digital height gage, various digital calipers and a digital angle tool.For me the CAD modelling itself is relatively easy, the challenge is in getting all the measurements correct!


Progress sofar, in 30 hours total, including disassembly and measuring.